Mermaid Festival Flags

A celebration of Community & Connection


We are united by the empowering symbol of the Mermaid.  A connection to San Marcos' past, present and future.   A guardian of our river, a superhero for children and a champion of the arts.  We celebrate the spirit of our community when we wave our flag!


5 Steps to Get Your Mermaid ON!


Step 1 - Design your Mermaid Festival logo.  Do it yourself or find a local artist to help.    

Step 2 - Find a local print shop.   *See options below

Step 3 - BUY-SELL OR TRADE Mermaid Flags with others.

Step 4 - Get ready for Mermaid Festival by displaying your flag(s) at your place of business, home or community spaces.

Step 5 - Wave your flag during Mermaid Festival and any or all Mermaid SPLASH events! 

Collect multiple flags and string them together for a great window or outdoor display. A great way to begin collecting local art!  Post your Mermaid Flag on social media and tag Mermaid Society SMTX!


* If you wish to have your Mermaid Flag as part of Mermaid Society's permanent flag collection, you will need to send a flag to Mermaid Society HQ's.  This flag art collection will be displayed annually at the Mermaid Society Art Ball and Mermaid Aqua Faire starting this year.   


Send us your Mermaid Festival logo/design and it will be featured on our website and our social media networks!