Downtown Mermaid Promenade

Parade Team

JEan Baggett, Co-Chair and Tim Bauerkemper, Co-chair

Mark Gleason, Sara Underwood, Kelsey Huckaby, Robert Mooney

Many thanks to all parade participants this year!  We are now accepting entries for the 2019 parade scheduled for Saturday, September 21st - 10:00 a.m.– noon.  Registration will be limited but we try our best to accommodate all who want to join in on the fun! We encourage all participants to be as creative and festive as possible – the bigger and brighter the better.

Non-Profit - $20
Standard - $25
Business - $100

Political - $125
Corporate - $150


It is our aim that one day soon Mermaid Society will contribute the parade entry fees to a project or program in our San Marcos community.  Such programs or projects do not have to be supported by a 501(C)3.  

Applications will be reviewed by our Board of Directors to decide if the program/project is aligned with our mission.  At this time all parade entry fees are needed to cover production costs of the parade.




Parade Route

parade route.png

Important info on parking for the Downtown Mermaid Promenade and Mermaid Aqua Faire:

CM Allen construction will be a work in progress throughout the summer with a completion date set for mid-October.

We recommend using the City Park parking lot and the Activity Center parking lot for parking on September 21st. Parking here will give you good access to the parade route and the Mermaid Aqua Faire that is scheduled immediately following the parade. Keep in mind you will need to walk approx. 2-3 blocks to the parade route, but your return will lead you directly to the Aqua Faire.