I think there has been a focus because of the Mermaid Society of both the history of our river and the beauty of our river like we’ve never seen before!
— Dianne Wassenich, Executive Director - San Marcos River Foundation

We, at Mermaid Society SMTX, feel San Marcos is beautifully represented by the Mermaid. The Texan Mermaid origins date to the not-so-long-ago days of the Aqua Maids and the Aquarena Springs Theme Park. The vision, grace and memories of the underwater Mermaid Show conjure up magic and beauty.

As the city of San Marcos continues to grow rapidly; it is vital to find creative ways to promote our community, preserve our history and culture, and to bolster our identity. To this end, the icon of the Mermaid has been revitalized to symbolize San Marcos. By identifying with her, we project the vision of a town which we want to protect, preserve, and nurture.

Since 2016, San Marcos celebrates the Mermaid annually with the SPLASH Festival. It includes festivities, symposiums and events throughout two weeks in September. It culminates with the Mermaid Art Ball, the Downtown Mermaid Promenade - a parade through the city - and the Mermaid AquaFaire, a Riverside celebration for all.

 SMTX Mermaid SPLASH, is an annual city-wide, multi-event festival, celebrating our city’s arts, culture, heritage and our most precious resource, the San Marcos River. This 15-day festival has something for everyone! SPLASH is designed to be an all-inclusive community platform to inspire connection in celebration of our creative community and river culture.

We highlight the San Marcos River by using this platform to leverage engagement for education and protection of our river through various events and activity organized by community organizations, schools, businesses and the like. The symbol of the Mermaid is meant to inspire the spirit of unity with all San Marcans and encourage collaboration for community good.

She is the past, present and future of San Marcos, guardian of our river and champion of the arts!



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September 7th – September 21st


­Stewardship, ­Preservation, ­Local, ­Arts, ­Sustainability, ­Heritage

A celebration of all things San Marcos, Texas