Mermaid Aqua Faire Sponsorship


Mermaid Society Shops


The Mermaid Society Shops is a curated "pop-up" market featured at the Mermaid Aqua Faire.  Vendors for the Shops are limited to no more than twelve noncompeting sellers.  Unlike the Mermaid Art Market at the Mermaid Faire that feature artisans and their handcrafted goods, the Mermaid Society Shops is fit for business vendors with products or services that are unique.

There is a $250 fee for small business and $500 for corporate business to participate.  We will close registration once we have reached the maximum capacity of 12 vendors.

Please complete the form and submit.


Mermaid Art Market Vendor


*Accepting Applications starting June 1, 2019

The Artisan Market is a juried art market coordinated by the San Marcos Art League.   If you have specific questions about your participation, please email

Please fill out the form and once it is submitted, you will be directed to the San Marcos Art League page to complete your registration.


Eco Village Exhibitor


Exhibitor Registration Fee: $100

*If you chose to be a Sponsor the registration fee is included in your sponsorship.

Nonprofit organizations: FREE.  Thanks to our sponsors!

Please complete the form and submit.


Food Vendor


3 Steps:

1. Complete Temporary Food Establishment Application (See Above)

2. Go to City of San Marcos Permit Office at 630 E. Hopkins and turn in your application to include the following items: 


a. Copy of your completed Temporary Food Establishment Application (TFE)

b. Proof of your food handler certificate

c. Copy of your drivers license.


3. Complete Food Vendor Registration Form and pay $350 Food Vendor Fee ( includes city application fee) . Payment must be made to hold your spot.  Up to 12 Food Vendors will be allowed. 



  • No smoking or e-cigarettes/inhaled vapor devices

  • No glass containers

  • No styrofoam containers

  • Motorized vehicles prohibited beyond parking areas

  • Animals are to remain restrained at all times

  • All wildlife and habitat protected

  • Parking in designated parking spaces only


Event Leadership


Apogee presents- Event Coordination

Eli Zablosky
Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator

Apogee Presents
(214) 235-5597

Tracy Weinberg - Stage Manager

Kathryn Voigtel Welch - Art Market

Mermaid Society Office 512-825-2819