It’s a WRAP!

The 2018 Mermaid SPLASH Festival is officially over! THANK YOU all for a “FIN-TASTIC” time at the 3rd Annual Mermaid SPLASH Festival; a celebration of ALL things San Marcos, Texas!

We hope that you get a chance to scroll through your social media outlets to get a look at all the wonderful memories made, and we hope that you feel as proud as we do about what has been accomplished throughout this 15-day celebration. Our vision for San Marcos is a vibrant and prosperous community united by the empowering symbol of the Mermaid; celebrating our arts, culture, and heritage, progressing towards our future well-being, and fostering river guardianship.

Now in our 3rd year, we feel certain that we are indeed accomplishing what we have set out to create. Mermaid SPLASH Festival serves as a creative community platform for community good!

We wish to thank all the businesses, community organizations, and individuals who participated in this year’s Mermaid SPLASH Calendar of Events. Thanks to you, over 28 events/activity took place throughout the course of this year's festival!

Mermaid SPLASH Festival would not have been possible without our many sponsors, countless volunteers and community ambassadors championing the mermaid as our city’s mascot.

Please stay tuned to Mermaid Society of Texas. We have much to announce in the coming weeks. If you feel inspired and motivated to get involved with Mermaid Society SPLASH Festival for 2019, Mermaid Society community programming or just day-to-day activity… please check out our volunteer opportunities. We’d love to have you join us! There is much on the horizon and we are so excited!!

Mark your calendar for September 7th – September 21st for the 4th Annual Mermaid SPLASH!